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Drama & Dragons

October 2, 2018


The scribe flexed his fingers above the onyx black slab and gazed upon the regiments of runes, each a key to another dimension!  Each rune was bound with sounds of power; q, w, e, r, t, y! The scribe scratched his beard and sucked a cup of hot brew, splashed with a teat-squirt of stomach churned grass. If only he could rearrange them, those runic tones and create a portal to another world! 

So, I wrote a short story for a literary magazine, The London Reader and Gods Bless ’em, they published it! That was nice of them – and first try to get a short story published too. I suppose I should find this encouraging and do more. Especially as my motivation for pitching to the BBC is to be found at the bottom of a pit-trap. The treasured goal of a sustainable career in show-business is being squatted on by a dragon that spits corrosive nos. I often think I work in an industry that doesn’t nurture talent, it destroys it. Only the toughest survive.

So, time for an escape into fantasy.

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Once Upon a Time in Zombieville wins GOLD at British Podcast Awards!

May 20, 2018


Once Upon a Time in Zombieville, a comedy serial drama for all the family, has won in two categories at the British Podcast Awards – Gold in Best Family and Bronze in Most Original. This is great news for everyone involved: for BBC Learning in Scotland who commissioned it, Bigmouth Audio who produced it and all the actors who worked on it (both young and old, in Scotland and Canada).

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Hallowe’en: Between Worlds but mainly heading in the otherworldly direction…

November 1, 2017

I’m becoming increasingly paranormal. It’s not just the long beard and the long hair and the casual conversational, ‘yeah, I’m a WIZARD‘ (although, that helps), but if everyone has to find a niche, then mine is probably an anomalous one. Certainly judging by my recent diary.

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Once Upon a Time in Zombieville

November 30, 2016


So, at the 11th hour – 2016 hath delivered! I’m writing a serial radio comedy drama for BBC Schools Radio! WOO HOO!! Isn’t that great!? Yes. It is. It really is.

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The Testament of Innes Smith

October 13, 2016


Cheers! Or more appropriately Slàinte!

Well, another autumn after another summer of fruitless pitching and another BAFTA nomination. This time for ‘Animation’ and it’s a BAFTA Scotland up for grabs. It’s for this film! A film summarising the plot of ‘The Testament of Gideon Mack’.

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The Trial of The Franz Kafka Big Band

January 1, 2016

Rehearsal May 2006 1 B&W


The Franz Kafka Big Band – the Radio Sketch Comedy group that I had the pleasure of working with for many years – has returned to Radio Scotland. There’s a half hour of classic sketches from our two series – and a whole new half hour of documentary exploring what really happened when our show was banned.

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Procrastination & Biscuits

November 22, 2015

Richard III

I’m a BAFTA nominee. That’s nice.

A film I made with Once Were Farmers has been nominated for a BAFTA – the Children’s Short Form Award. It was designed and animated by Scott Morriss – and doesn’t it look great? I wrote and voiced it – not in my usual avuncular Dr Baker style – but as Danny Fizzpants, a rather excited and excitable Hollywood Gossip Columnist. It helps to do voice overs consistently, if you create a little character for the voice to come out from.

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